Colorado Sound Museum

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Work begins today on the development of the “Colorado Sound Museum“. This online virtual museum will serve as the ColoSAE’s main educational tool and will feature curated collections of sound from Colorado’s soundscapes collected by ColoSAE members. The museum will include exhibits of sounds, pictures, and information that will speak to the ecology from which the sound emanates.

The goal for the Colorado Sound Museum is to be an interactive educational tool for all Coloradoans to learn about Colorado’s soundscapes.


Become a Member of the ColoSAE

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To become a member of the ColoSAE navigate your browser to the American Society for Acoustic Ecology’s membership page here.  Membership in the ASAE is membership with ColoSAE.  Please indicate your chapter affiliation as ColoSAE when you sign up.  Membership is for a calendar year, so please prorate using the sliding scale option if you are signing up at other times of the year.

Members will receive news via email concerning our events and news.  Your name will be included on our website, see “Members”, along with links, if you wish.  You will be invited to special events and planning opportunities for our new ASAE chapter.

And if you want to showcase your Colorado Phonography it will be placed on the ColoSAE Soundcloud page for all to enjoy and learn from.

ColoSAE on Soundcloud

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The ColoSAE is now on Soundcloud!  Here is the link to our profile:  |  and a sampling (Western Tanagers recorded this last Spring)…

Welcome to the Colorado Society for Acoustic Ecology (ColoSAE)

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Plans for the new Colorado Society for Acoustic Ecology (ColoSAE) have begun, and work on the website is currently under way.

The field of acoustic ecology is wide and varied, if you have interest in sound, from a sound artist using phonography on stage, to the scientist in the field, don’t hesitate to contact me with you interest in taking part in this new branch of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology: